Why Join EMA

Joining EMA offers professionals in the event industry a multitude of compelling reasons to become a member and reap the benefits of this dynamic organisation.

EMA serves as a premier platform for networking and collaboration. We are the only association that is for inhouse event planners, with no suppliers as members and operate under Chatham House Rules. By joining, individuals gain access to an extensive community of like-minded in-house event planners and marketers, providing an opportunity to connect with peers and industry leaders. This expansive network opens doors to valuable connections, career opportunities, and knowledge exchange.

EMA organises exclusive events that offer unparalleled opportunities for skill enhancement and meaningful connections. These gatherings bring together industry luminaries, thought leaders, and experts, fostering an environment where members can learn, share experiences, and gain inspiration from the best in the field.

As partners of UK Events, EMA advocates for the interests and growth of its members. Through the organisation, professionals have a stronger collective voice in shaping industry policies and regulations. By being a part of EMA, members contribute to a unified effort to address common challenges and foster an environment conducive to professional success.

Global Community

Joining forces with PCMA enhances the collective expertise and knowledge pool available to EMA members.

EMA brings its extensive experience in event marketing, while PCMA boasts a long-standing reputation in the global business events industry. Together, they create a powerhouse of industry insights, fostering cross-pollination of ideas, and encouraging innovation that benefits all members.

The combined resources of EMA and PCMA create a more robust and influential voice in the event management sphere. This consolidated platform amplifies advocacy efforts, driving policy changes, and supporting initiatives that promote the interests of event professionals at local, national, and international levels.

On an international level, EMA has connected with the leaders of the Corporate Event Managers Association in North America, EMA Spain and GvE Netherlands.

Additionally, EMA members benefit from the course library of the Event Leadership Institute to expand and grow their knowledge base and further their professional development.

Member Benefits

Benefits package has been designed to emulate the desires of EMA members, while taking advantage of being part of the Powered by PCMA community.

Our member benefits include:

  • Exclusive EMA monthly e-Newsletter
  • Education: Access to ELI’s content library of 260 video modules and webinars, as well as a 20% discount on 17 certificate courses
  • Convene Magazine Digital Subscription
  • Networking: Many virtual and in person networking opportunities
  • Access to EMA planned events including professional networking sessions, education events, labs and tours
  • Event registration discounts and early access to EMA, CEMA and PCMA events.
  • EMA dedicated Website
  • Global Scholarship and Hosted Planner opportunities
  • Leadership and Volunteer opportunities
  • CEMA / EMA Community (forum & directory coming in 2024) 

Membership Cost

Individual Event Planner/ Marketer Membership


Organisation / Corporate Membership

Members: 4 to 10


Members: 11 – 20


Members: 20+*


* For Group memberships of 50+ please contact us directly