A Note From Stress MAtters on World Mental Health Day 2019


We know that 45% of you have seen signs in the last 12 months that your employer is doing something more regarding workplace wellbeing than they were a year ago.
Well done!  
On World Mental Health Day, let’s celebrate all those businesses who have taken positive steps towards improving wellbeing, progress is being made.  However, as with every school report of ours, there is room for improvement…

Whether you work for yourself or you work in a team, we can all do more to improve our own wellbeing and have a positive influence on the wellbeing of those that we work with.  
This is why we at Stress Matters, are so happy to be EMA’s official wellbeing partner.  

Each month we will be providing you with insights and support on how we can make you more accountable to yourself and your teams.  We will be using our Don’t Just Be approach to wellbeing to guide you and the first month is: Dig deep and Dream
Today, as you receive countless emails about World Mental Health Day, we urge you to do just one thing.  

Ask yourself, “What do you really want?”.  Small question = Big impact.  

In our busy lives in events, it is all too easy to fall into habits or be so busy rushing to ever reflect on what we actually want from our careers.  Ask yourself and if you’re a manager, ask your team members.  Once we know our goal, we can take steps to achieving it.  

If we are playing football with no goals, no one will ever score.

Stress Matters.