No Is Not Negative!


In January, so many of us are filled with promises of self-improvement; we hopefully had some space over the festive break to re-assess and reflect on last year and now we have committed to how we are going to be so much better at X in 2020.  

This isn’t a blog post like so many about how you aren’t going to achieve these promises, we have faith in you!  If you have committed to making changes in your life and the way you manage your workload, team and events, we believe you.  

Continuing down our Don’t Just Be methodology, we now come to No is Not Negative.  Whatever you’ve committed to, it’s going to require time.  Whether it was going to the gym before work, being more organised in your work, having regular catch-ups with your team members each week.  Changing behaviour requires us re-prioritising our time.  
The problem is - we only have 24 hours in a day.  It’s one of the only unifying things that everyone on this planet can share.  Everything is a trade off time wise and for us to achieve what we want, we are going to have to say no to some things we don’t want to do (as much). 

We all like to be yes people, we want to be the people that others can rely on to always help and we want to be involved in everything as otherwise good old FOMO can kick-in.  And whilst some of us might be trying to avoid take-aways and pizza in January, we can take their Joy of Missing Out campaign to heart and focus on what we can say no to so we can find the joy in achieving what you want to achieve this month.  

Stress Matters.

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