How to harness new technology innovations for maximum impact

Technology innovations and how to use them effectively is now an important part of the event world, says Brecht Fourneau, digital marketing director at Aventri, an event management software company.

With new apps and technology offering event agencies more in-depth and intricate ways to measure the impact of an event, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

And there are reasons why it’s difficult to decide on strategies and a course of action. Fourneau believes that one issue is bigger than anything else. “In the events industry we don’t have to convince people of the value of face to face meetings but sometimes you have a hard time proving return on investment (ROI). It’s very hard to quantify the value of an event,” Fourneau said.

Aventri’s digital marketing director explains that the company is continually adding technology to their platforms. “For example, the Aventri Marketplace is a new portal that covers everything from event promotion and budget management to staffing, ground transportation and payment processing.

“We are continuously adding technology to our platforms – we offer tools for events. Our goal is to ultimately drive more visitors into events.”

Aventri specialises in cloud-based analytics and data-driven end-to-end event management and venue sourcing solutions. The open-source platform delivers technology solutions to streamline the event process, providing real-time data and analytics on event performance, customer engagement, and increasing measurable event ROI.

Fourneau believes that mobile apps will become increasingly more popular. “They are great tools for attendees but it’s also a way to capture data,” he said.

Wearable tech enables planners to track where attendees are moving in the event space and reveals what areas they are interested in.

“It’s about driving more visibility and tracking people across events. We believe that an event organiser doesn’t want to shop around and buy from ten suppliers. They want one solution that they can tailor to their needs.

“A lot of different industries have gone through the digital revolution but the events industry hasn’t. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. But you can never let technology get in the way. You always need to do it in a way that is so obvious to people and is a clear advantage to them and easy to use.”

“Planners today are expected to be event strategists, plugged into all the best resources,” explained Brad Langley, vice president, channel and partner management, Aventri. “At the same time, they’re stretched thin. Bombarded with requests for new and different services, they no longer have time to carefully evaluate every option.”

First published by M&IT Magazine