Say YES to Buddies Matter!

#eventprofs are notoriously “yes-people”.  It’s what makes our events great, our boss or client adds another whole area to your event, we say yes, can you do it for the same budget, we say yes, can you do it by eop tomorrow, we say yes!  It pushes us to create better events and to never accept the minimum.  Yet we don’t often do it for our own careers and development.
One of the 10 steps of our Don’t Just Be approach is be Open to Opportunities. 

Those little doors are open around us but we don’t often push on them to see what’s behind.  Last month we encouraged you to “What it is you really want?”  Well the challenge for this month is to start looking at what might already be in front of us to help us get there.  

That old boss that asked you for coffee but you’ve been putting off, that client that dropped a potential new event into conversation but you haven’t yet followed up on or even that organiser that asked you to speak on a panel but you said no as you don’t like public speaking.  Try saying yes.

This month the opportunity that we are putting out there for you to say yes to is to sign-up for our free peer-to-peer matching service to find you a Support Buddy.  Check out the website here and say yes to meeting someone new who might just help you feel a little bit less stressed and a little bit more supported. 

Stress Matters.