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Membership Criteria Become a Member

Membership is open to all who are in full time employment in an event marketing role within a corporation, charity, or governmental department.

We do not accept applications from hotels, venues, suppliers or agencies.

We will accept applications from individuals who are contracted into organisations via an agency, however these people need to be full time roles housed within the corporate organisation and with a corporate email address. This is on the understanding that these members are attending as the corprate with whom they are based and not that of the agency they are employed.

We will also welcome a small number of recomended specialist freelancers to be known as 'EMA Associates' to qualify, individuals must have a minimum of five years’ experience and looking to contract directly into corporations for specialist project work or maternity cover etc. These applicants will be recomended members and vetted by the Council.

Membership Categories

Executive Council Members: Senior figures from within the corporate events industry, who represent members and are actively involved in steering the strategy and direction of the association.

Corporate Member: Any level of in-house events professional.

Associate Member: A small percentage of members who specialise in contracting directly into corporations for specialist project work, maternity cover etc. These members are carefully vetted by the Council prior to being accepted.

Membership benefits

  • Networking opportunities through:
    • Monthly educational events
    • Exposure to new venues
    • Opportunity to appear on panels and give interviews in leading industry magazines
    • Invitations to 3rd party events free of charge
    • Planners only network, no suppliers at our events
  • Regular industry updates:
    • Bi-weekly member only newsletter
    • Expert led monthly events
    • Access to past presentations, event reports, guides for corporate planners and other online resource via our website
  • EMA Technology:
    • EMA 365App that allows members to share updates on venues, suppliers, new ideas etc.
    • platform that allows you to create a personal profile, add suppliers, make notes, search for suppliers and share information with fellow EMA members.
  • Confidentiality:
    • Our discussions are held in confidence under ‘Chatham House Rules’ and whilst we may discuss, share some insight on what has been discussed, no one will ever be quoted or referenced without their prior approval.

Corporate Membership

  • Individual Membership £75 
  • Band A: 3-5 members annual fee £225 
  • Band B: 6-9 members annual fee £400 
  • Band C: 10+ members annual fee £600 
Become a Member

Associate Membership

  • Annual fee of £75                                                 

Become an Associate

No joining fee
Charities - receive a 50% discount on the above fee categories