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About us

EMA is the only UK Association exclusively for corporate in-house event planners & marketers.

Founded in 2008 as the UK sister arm of COPE USA (Council of Protocol Executives) we evolved into EMA-UK as a stand-alone UK group in 2013. EMA is a nonprofit organisation, ran by a volunteer Executive Council. What differentiates us from other networking groups is our focus on one sector – in-house corporate event marketers. Our commitment is to education and learning, best practice and industry representation. We are here to represent, support and champion our members. Share knowledge, expertise and experiences.

Our Executive Council is made up of senior figures from the corporate event marketing industry. Council members represent their company within the Association, actively steering the strategy and direction to the benefit of all members.

We are currently a London centric network with over 250 members and we have plans to launch UK regional chapters and are in the process of launching the first one EMA-North based around Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds & Sheffield. Scotland is in the planning.

Circle of Excellence

Growth. Development. Networking. Knowledge.
The expanding circles in our logo represent growth and development; an expanding network, expanding knowledge, which translates into our ‘Circle of Excellence’ tag line. Collective knowledge and experiences will always be greater than one.

We are committed to education and learning, best practices and industry recognition. The four pillars upon which the Association is founded are:

1.    Events - To provide a forum for knowledge sharing, learning, mentoring and networking
2.    Development - To be at the fore of the professionalisation of the events industry
3.    Standards - To promote and champion best practices in the event industry
4.    Position  - To be the industry voice for the corporate event world